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Under the theme of "Into the Living Insect World~" Yecheon, the town of insects that is full of amusing imagination, hosts the World Insect Expo Yecheon 2020 across downtown (Yecheon-eup) and the Institute of Insect Ecology from May 1st (Fri.) to May 17th (Sun.) for 17 days.

This Expo aims to be an event which embodies Eco-Edutainment where exhibitions, festivals and events come together through a variety of sights to see, experiences to have and amusements to enjoy. At the World Insect Expo Yecheon 2020, you'll be ensured of the mysterious world of insects and the vision for the future insect industry.

This is the world of festivals where live insects from nature welcome all visitors! We kindly ask you to bring your families and friends to the World Insect Expo Yecheon 2020 to create beautiful and precious memories together. Thank you!

Expo Overview

With the Small Flutters of Insects,
We Dream of the Future

Theme:Into the Living Insect World

Event Title : World Insect Expo Yecheon 2020
Period : May. 1 (Fri.) - May. 17(Sun.), 2020 / 17 days
Concept : Into the Living Insect World
Host / Supervision : Yecheon-gun / Yecheon Cultural Tourism Foundation
Event Details :
Exhibition Experience Insect Theme Hall, Insect Play Hall, Insect Industry Hall
Official Event Unveiling Ceremony, Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony
Academic Event Symposium on the Edible Insect Industry/Beekeeping Industry/Insect Bio Industry
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